It’s hard to live with others when you’re crazy about cleaning. Cleancult is a brand obsessed with a clean and healthy lifestyle. 


Let’s turn people’s cleaning obsessions into healthy ones by giving them an outlet to channel their urges.

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Interactive OOH triggers peoples' cleaning urges. 


After using the attached tool to clean the ad, it invites them to join the Cleanist Hub using NFC.

*All tools have self-cleaning properties.

CLEANIST HUB – A safe space for clean freaks.

Cleanist Hub’s private instagram allows followers to experience a clean lifestyle without disturbing the people they live with. 

Every obsessive cleaner needs a cleaning ritual

Every morning, Cleanist Hub posts a soothing story revolving around cleaning.  

Instagram tiles that promote spotlessness.

Each selection lets users learn new ways to clean specific areas using Cleancult products.

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